Anamorphic painting ‘Fake News’ ‘FAKE NEWS’ anamorphic artwork (3D streetpainting) made with acrylic paint for Mural Festival Montréal thanks all people from Mural for organizing this event. Best city vibes. And thanks Massina @marijespelbos for all your help in painting.  

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Anamorphic painting ‘Sensibility and Sensitivity’ 3D streetart / streetpainting 'Sensibility and Sensitivity' in Utrecht The Netherlands. Especially in these difficult times there is a need to have balance between heart and mind. Thanks Massina for assist. Streetarttoday for connecting. Location: Raum Utrecht,

  3d street art by Leon Keer at Malta Streetart Festival. Gummy bears gather around their just deceased green friend. Anamorphic painting on the Valetta waterfront. To see the 3d street painting from the right viewing point you should look at