Wynwood Walls Miami Art Week 2023

Wynwood Walls Miami Art Week 2023

We are stoked to announce our official Artist Lineup and Theme for Art Week 2023! The Power of Purpose will open at #WynwoodWalls on Friday, November 24th at 10 AM


Every year, we create a theme to empower people to think, create and act. The world is a tumultuous place at the moment, and it has never been more important to find our individual and collective purpose and to do so with kindness, empathy, integrity and humanity.

The Power of Purpose can have all sorts of meanings. Purpose is individual, it is unique, and it takes courage to find your own.

The Wynwwod Walls class of artists for 2023 represent a diverse and unique group of individuals who have made it their purpose to create meaningful work that pushes the boundaries of the art world. Together, these artists are continuing to use their talents to positively impact society.

What’s Your Purpose?