Leon Keer winner ‘Best Global Mural’ Dutch Street Art Awards 2023

Leon Keer winner 'Best Global Mural' Dutch Street Art Awards 2023
Leon Keer winner 'Best Global Mural' Dutch Street Art Awards 2023
3D Mural Fragile by Leon Keer Ostende Belgium

Leon Keer winner ‘Best Global Mural’

During the spectacular streetart award show in WIHH Gallery Amsterdam,  ‘Best Global Mural’ was awarded to Leon Keer.

Leon Keer was nominated three times!!! For the categories:

– Global Mural
– Best Message
– People’s Favorite

About the Street Art Award

The Street Art Awards support street artists and street culture by making it more visible. That’s why they award inspiring creative work and support activities. Murals, stencils, posters, stickers, installations, sculptures and video projections are judged by experts. They reward the most creative and original work, but also look at quality and specific aspects for each category.

Dutch Street Art Awards!

With an overwhelming number of 400 entries that were submitted, this edition was an extraordinary celebration of creativity, talent, and innovation in the world of street art. The jury faced the challenge of selecting the winners from an exceptional pool of talent. Oscar van der Voorn, Judith de Leeuw, Rico de Lange, Joost van Bellen, and Cathelijne Blok utilized their discerning eye and successfully chose a winner for each category.

The Dutch Street Art Awards aim to celebrate every aspect of the Dutch street art community while also recognizing deserving winners. During the ceremony, one by one, the winners were called forward to receive their awards. And for those who couldn’t attend, we happily reiterate their names once again:

Most Intense Mural: Studio Giftig
Best Global Mural: Leon Keer
Greatest Gallery: Vroom and Varossieau
Freshest Photo: Sanne Gijsbers
Most Inventive: Street art Franky
Best Local Initiative: The Secret Garden
Best Message: Nils Westergard
Young Talent: Tycho
People’s Favorite: Roos Art