Ego Leonard by Leon Keer - Galerie Wolfsen

Ego Leonard – Group Exhibition Galerie Wolfsen Denmark

Ego Leonard by Leon Keer - Galerie Wolfsen

Ego Leonard
©Leon Keer

Group Exhibition Galerie Wolfsen presents:
International Pop Art Show

1 June – 28 July 2018

Galerie Wolfsen
Tiendeladen 6
9000 Aalborg


This year’s mid-term bang, POP EYE, open with an exhibition of Pop Art in world-class, speeches, music, cold wine and sweets – and you’re invited.
Galerie Wolfsen has over the past ten years raised in, among other things. Germany, France, Switzerland, Korea, Lebanon, Kazakhstan, Spain and, not least, the United States. We have participated in fairs, met a lot of new customers, artists, gallery owners and art dealers, and all in all, we have expanded our network, knowledge and territory enormously.
Along the way we have, among other things. been fascinated by the huge sales of Pop Art; and that prices are rising and rises it is an exciting development, and we think that’s because the genre both appeal to collectors, museums and ordinary people.
Regardless of how and how, we have decided to try their hand at Pop Art. We have put the strongest possible team of 20 top pop artists, among other things. in collaboration with Jeff Jaffe from New York, which operates one of the leading galleries of art, Pop Art Pop International Galleries.

Pop Art as a genre has been one of the leading directions in contemporary art since the mid-‘ 50s, when the genre was described and recognized. Historically, the foremost exponents arguably Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. The greatest living Pop Art star Jeff Koons, whose works typically costs a several tens of millions of dollars.