Wynwood Walls Artist talk

December 7 2017 – 6PM Panel discussion with the artists of Wynwood Walls, in the Goldman Global Arts Gallery. Moderated by: Tristan Eaton. Participants: Logan Hicks, Leon Keer, Martha Cooper, Risk, and Ron English.

Wynwood Walls Art Basel Miami

26 November – 5 December 2017 Creating a 3D wall and floor painting at the Wynwood Walls Art Basel Miami

Vision art festival crans-montana

3D mural at Vision Art Festival Crans Montana. ‘Mountain Laundrette’. Was a big effort to walk up this ski-post, but I was awarded by the best view ever. Great event and dedicaded Visionart crew. Thanks for all.


Dutch street art awards 2017

The Dutch Street Art Awards strive for the acceptance of this art form. During this event the well deserved credits go straight to the artists. Creativity with forms like murals, stencils, posters, stickers, installations, sculptures and video projections are judged by experts. The Dutch Street art Awards are organized by Amsterdam Street Art and Boomerang Create.

Leon Keer is part of the jury.
The jury of the Dutch Street Art Awards consists of a mix of experts who all made their mark in the world of art and culture. Their combined view on the entries determines who wins a Dutch Street Art Award.
Foto: Rainer Christian Kurzeder


Amsterdam Street Art, ASA, presents for the first show of the year at GO Gallery, a spectacular series of art works by 130 international street artists.
21 January 2017 – 18 March 2017

GO Gallery, Prinsengracht 64 Amsterdam, The Netherlands


is an exhibition the likes of which you have never seen before. It presents today’s most vital and imaginative art form – Street Art – in all its diversity: political, lyrical, biting, critical – and always entertaining.

In MAGIC CITY the whole city becomes an artist’s studio, an urban museum of the imagination. On the walls and in the squares of this specially built city of dreams you will find new works from more than 40 of the world’s best street artists – specially painted, sprayed, scratched, glued, or even crocheted for this exhibition. A visual adventure!

Leon Keer created an anamorphic painting on 3 walls and 1 floor for street art exhibition Magic City in Dresden. The dolls represent 6 of the 7 sins, in succession Lust, Greed, Envy, Pride, Wrath and Sloth. The anamorphic ticket office is inspired by the Coney Island Fair. You can strike a pose on the table next to the dolls, inside the grabbing machine or in front of that, in front of ticket office and in front of arcade pac-man machine.
Magic City is located in the Zeitenströmung Building in Dresden Germany. Expo from October 1st 2016 until January 8th 2017.

New York Magazine Leon Keer

Leon Keer at New York Magazine:
This mesmerizing 3D street art is secretly a flat painting in 2 dimensions.


Exhibition: Winter Blues @ GO Gallery Amsterdam

Amsterdam Street Art, ASA, presents for the first show of the year at GO Gallery, a spectacular series of art works by international street artists to chase away the ‘Winter Blues’.
16 January 2016 – 12 March 2016

GO Gallery, Prinsengracht 64 Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Anamorphosis chalk on grass

Anamorphic chalk art (3d painting) on the pasture. I used environmental friendly harmless chalk for this ephemeral land art of 900 m2. Location Vechten nearby Utrecht