3D mural delft blue pottery by leon keer

3D mural ‘Fragile’ by Leon Keer

3D Mural Fragile by Leon Keer Ostende Belgium


3D mural street art by leon keer


3d mural leon keer crystal ship


3d mural climate change by leon keer


3d mural pottery delft blue leon keer

3D Mural ‘Fragile’
The Crystal Ship Festival

3D mural by Leon Keer created at The Crystal Ship art festival in Oostende Belgium. The trompe l’oeil mural shows 3 delft blue vases. The images used on the vases each depict a different story on the effect of climate change. The title of the piece, FRAGILE, refers on the one hand to the vulnerability of our planet and on the other to the fragility of the ceramic. Created with help of artist Massina, this mural measures 22 x 7 meter.